Wakefield CAPS
(Children's Advocacy and Participation Service)

Wakefield Children’s Advocacy and Participation Service

Teenage boy smiling

We are a small team who offer support to children and young people who's responsible local authority is Wakefield District Council.

We are independent of the local authority and are run by the children's charity Barnardo's

Our services include:

  • Advocacy support to children and young people placed in care by Wakefield Local Authority, either in the local area or further afield. We also support carer leavers up to the age of 21.
  • Advocacy support to children and young people who have Child Protection Conferences and core group meetings in Wakefield.
  • Advocacy support to young people up to the age of 25 who have Education Health and Care Plan meetings.
  • Advocacy for young people who are taking part in family group conferences and are at risk of coming into care.
  • We get feedback from young people who have moved placement about their experiences in care and share this with the local authority (placement movement forms).
  • We speak with young people in care who have been missing over 24hrs to share their reasons for being missing and offer support with future meetings.
  • An Independent Visitor Service for young people in care.
  • We also support the Children in Care Council forum.