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Barnardo’s Child Bereavement Service

Young boy and woman together outdoors, image copyright of Barnardo's Image Library

Barnardo’s Child Bereavement Service in Belfast began in 1998. We provide

  • individual and group support to children and young people up to 18 years old who have been bereaved
  • an advice line that adults concerned about a bereaved child can contact for information and advice
  • training and information nights for parents and professionals to assist in developing ways of helping bereaved children.

The Child Bereavement Service has four staff members and a team of dedicated volunteers who help run the Advice Line and are involved in the group work with bereaved children and young people.

Why have a Child Bereavement Service?

Without the right conditions for healing, children and teenagers will carry their emotional wounds into the rest of their lives. We know that children who have a parent die are at risk. They are more likely than other children to experience higher levels of depression; an increase in health problems and accidents; poorer school performance, more anxiety and fear; lower self esteem; a destructive belief that all events in their lives are beyond their control, and less optimism about succeeding in later life.
Schuurman, 2003

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