Carlisle Rural SureStart Children's Centre

We offer a wide range of free, accessible services for families with children aged 0-19 years, with more support targeted at those who need it most.

Carlisle Rural SureStart Children’s Centre is committed to helping parents, carer’s and families to:

To achieve these aims we work in partnership with many agencies which include: East Cumbria Family Support Association, Health Visitors, Midwives, Job Centre Plus, Adult Education and Family Learning, Inspira, Police, Local Parish Council, Riverside Housing Association and Children & Families Information Service.

Our services include play and early support, parenting support, individual home-based family support, help for parents to find work or training, childcare, health services, and volunteering opportunities.

The Children’s Centre covers the wards of:

Barnardo’s basis and values

Carlisle Rural Sure Start Children’s Centre is run by Barnardo's. Barnardo’s believes we can bring out the best in every child and their Basis and Values heavily influences all of the work we do with children and families.