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What we do

All of the workers at BASE skilled at working with young people who are going through real difficulties. We work hard to keep in contact with the most chaotic young people. The work that happens with any young person is largely decided by the young person and their BASE worker. They will discuss what BASE can do that will be most useful and then agree a plan. The plan will then be reviewed regularly. Some young people are in contact with BASE for only a short time whilst others see their BASE worker for much longer.

At BASE we try to make sure that young people feel they are getting support that makes a difference to their lives. What young people do when they meet their worker varies from one young person to the next. Some young people will want to sit and talk about problems they face; others will do activities with their worker; others may just want practical help to sort out a problem.

BASE has good links with many organisations that work with young people in Bristol. This enables us to help young people get other services they may need.

Bristol BASE provides:

  • a safe environment at the project for young people whose lives are unsafe or violent
  • a service for both males and females
  • direct work with young people
  • a sexual health nursing service on 3 afternoons a week
  • a drugs worker on site
  • advocacy with and for young people, so they can get the help they need from other organisations
  • training on sexual exploitation to adults who work with young people
  • support for any young person going through the courts after they have been sexually exploited.

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