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Frequently asked questions

teenager on a bench

Q. What successes do you have with the young people that you work with?

A. Success is measured in many different ways, sometimes it may be that a young person has been encouraged by BASE to get medical advice and treatment. When the young person follows up this advice, we could measure this as a success if they have never had the confidence to do so before. We aim to support young people to keep safer and healthy, so any steps that a young person takes to do this, are positive.

Q. How many young people have you worked with and do you work with boys and young men?

A. In 2006/07 we worked with 112 young people. Of these, 17 were boys and young men. BASE had a high level of young people keeping appointments to see their worker, which demonstrates the need for the service for girls and young women and boys and young men.

Q. What are the ages of the young people that you work with?

A. We have worked with children as young as 9 years old through to 21 years of age but the average age of a young person seeking a service from BASE is 15. The project starts to work with young people when they are aged under 18 years.

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