Welcome to the Supporting Families Sub-Hub!

Here you will find a range of resources, tools, videos and more focused on supporting your family during the pandemic.

Looking after yourself

Resources for improving yours and your family's emotional well-being from the NHS

  • NHS Mental Wellbeing Audio Guides

  • NHS Mood Self-Assessment

  • NHS Children and Bereavement

Information for parents with under 5's

  • My child is unwell but not with COVID-19

  • Coronavirus - Parent information for new babies

  • Coronavirus: Planning your birth

Looking after your family's wellbeing

  • Parenting during the coronavirus outbreak

  • Everybody worries - a picturebook for children who are worried about coronavirus

  • Talking to your children about the coronavirus pandemic

If you think your or a child could be in immediate danger, always call 999.

This page will be regularly updated