85% of Syrian refugee families we work with are living below the poverty line and regularly face financial difficulty and hardship.

Young people fleeing war torn countries, either with their families or alone, are suffering unimaginable trauma, often arriving in the UK unable to articulate the horrors they have faced.

Our frontline staff have worked with over 1,600 Syrian refugees and asylum seekers since 2015 to establish new homes where they can feel safe. We form part of a strong support network of partners who assist families to find suitable housing, gain access to health care and other vital resources, and support their mental health and wellbeing. Without this support, many refugees are at significant risk of homelessness and/or destitution.

This Ramadan we want to do even more to help them. That’s why we are now seeking urgent funding for a new Employment Programme to help these families secure meaningful work and escape the cycle of poverty.

At Barnardo’s, we understand the sensitive and careful nature of handling Zakat. We have worked to understand the requirements of Zakat and ensure our policy, procedures and projects fulfil these principles. All of our procedures have been independently audited by Mufti Billal Omarjee; an Islamic Scholar and legal Zakat specialist to ensure Zakat compliancy.

For further details please see our policy and FAQ documents.

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