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Release Date: 18/05/2018

Barnardo’s Scotland is hoping that busting myths around who is a ‘suitable foster carer’ will encourage people to at least consider making that first phone call to find out more information.

People from all walks of life can foster and there are many ways people can help children in need in their local community.  If anyone would like to offer their support but not sure what to do, they can speak to a member of the Barnardo’s Scotland Fostering team and together they can find what is right for them.  

  1. I’m too old - Generally we like potential foster carers to be over the age of 21 but we don’t have an upper age limit, all we ask is that you have the energy and experience to keep up with lively children.
  2. I’m single – Being single is not a barrier to fostering.  Barnardo’s Scotland foster carers are also in civil partnerships, married, or living with someone but not married.
  3. I rent - You can rent or own your own property we just ask that every child that you are going to foster has their own room.
  4. I’m male - So are approximately half of our foster carers. We have male and female carers, our children need both.
  5. I’m LGBT - We welcome people who can bring different views, skills and life experience to the role.
  6. I don’t have children - You don’t need to have children to be a foster carer but you do need to have some experience of children. If you do have children we will carefully match a fostered child to the needs of your whole family.
  7. I can’t afford to give up work – While we do ask that there is someone in the household dedicated to caring for a full time placement, we also provide financial support. We know fostering is challenging work that needs to be recognised – by receiving fees and allowances; carers can focus their time and skills on caring for children and young people.
  8. Foster Agencies Don’t Assess Ethnic Groups - Just as our society is made up of people from different backgrounds so are the children that need a home and care. We want to have the widest selection of people to help give us the best match between carer and child
  9. I haven’t worked with young people or children - Our carers come from a range of work areas from running restaurants to being accountants. We just ask that you have experience of children either through your family or volunteering.
  10. All children in foster care are badly behaved - Other than our scheme that helps families with children with disabilities all of our children have been hurt and abused - this is through no fault of their own. If they are showing us how they have been hurt through their behaviour it is our job to help them with this, and we will give you the training and support to do this.


Notes to editors

Barnardo’s has fostering offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen, which support foster carers across Scotland. Go to fostering in Scotland for more information.

Barnardo’s Aberdeen Fostering Service 20 Carden Place Aberdeen  

AB10 1UQ Telephone: 01224 624090

Barnardo’s Dundee Fostering Service  Unit C, The Software Centre, Gemini Crescent, Dundee , DD2 1TY  Telephone: 01382 561900

Barnardo’s Edinburgh Fostering Service Birch House, 10 Bankhead Crossway South, Edinburgh, EH11 4EP, Telephone: 0131 453 8420

Barnardo’s Glasgow Fostering Service Academy Park , Building 10000, Gower Street , Glasgow G51 1PR, Telephone: 0141 419 4700  

Barnardo’s Scotland works with more than 26,500 children and young people in over 122 specialised community-based services across Scotland and has 81 shops raising funds to support our services.  Our work includes: fostering and adoption services and support; helping children break free from sexual exploitation; supporting young carers; helping young people in to employment and helping children living in poverty.   

Visit to find out how you can get involved and show you believe in children.  Twitter: @BarnardosScot  Facebook: Barnardo’s Scotland

Media enquiries:

Barnardo’s Scotland Katrina Slater media office – Barnardo’s Scotland; telephone 0131 446 7022 or 020 8 498 7555 (24 hours) email

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