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Under fives and their families affected by imprisonment: A handbook for Sure Start Children's Centres

Author : Owen Gill (April 2012)

Price : £6.00

This handbook is a practical resource to help Sure Start Children's Centres support children and their families affected by imprisonment.

It covers the main research, gives examples of good practice, provides a checklist to help Children's Centres ensure they are doing everything possible to support this vulnerable group, includes an A3 poster for display which emphasises that the Children's Centre supports children of prisoners, and provides details of resources and support organisations. Government estimates are that in England and Wales approximately 200,000 children are affected every year by a parental imprisonment, and research has demonstrated that parental imprisonment has a direct impact on children's mental wellbeing, academic achievement, behaviour and increases the likelihood of intergenerational offending. Children's Centres, with their combination of universal and targeted services, their base in the community, and their potential for early intervention are a key resource for meeting the needs of this group. This handbook provides practical guidance and suggestions on how Children's Centres can develop their reach to, and practice with, these children and families.

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Tools for professionals, Family support, Safeguarding and protection

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