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Paying to work: childcare and child poverty

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New Barnardo's research out today highlights how the high cost of childcare will cause substantial difficulties for many parents seeking to enter work, or work longer hours, once the Government's new Universal Credit system is introduced.

Barnardo's report 'Paying to work: childcare and child poverty', highlights how high childcare costs interact with the tax and benefit system, potentially causing parents to lose a substantial proportion of any extra money they earn. In the worst cases, for example lone parents with more than one preschool child, parents will actually face losing more money than they earn from working longer hours. The report recommends that the Government increase childcare support through Universal Credit to support parents who want to work themselves out of poverty.    

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This report was amended on 09/01/2013 to make small changes to the figures in Table 1. These changes did not alter the overall message of the report


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