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Nightwatch: CSE in Plain Sight

Author : Kate D'Arcy and Roma Thomas (2016)

Price : Free

An independent evaluation of Barnardo's Nightwatch - a Department of Education (DfE) pilot designed to increase awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation among businesses of the night-time economy (NTE).

The Barnardo's Nightwatch service was a one year pilot funded by the DfE to safeguard children from child sexual exploitation (CSE) by increasing awareness of CSE among businesses and services in the night-time economy. This independent evaluation report of the pilot service was written by the University of Bedfordshire and concludes that the service has been proven effective in its aims and far exceeded its intended targets. In 2018 we received funding for Nightwatch London, a free training and guidance programme for those that work within the NTE. Through this cascade model, we train 'Nightwatch Advocates' that go on to teach colleagues and those around them to also become part of a Nightwatch community.

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Policy and research documents, Safeguarding and protection

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