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Journey to Justice

Author : Hannah Marsden (September 2017)

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Prioritising the wellbeing of children involved in criminal justice processes related to sexual exploitation and abuse.

We have recently conducted research with young people, parents, practitioners and police to understand the needs of CSE victims as they go through the criminal justice system. While there have been many positive developments in improving this process for child victims of sexual abuse, there is still a lack of dedicated support for victims of CSE going through the criminal justice process. Our research showed that victims can find going through the criminal justice system a traumatic process. A single, independent practitioner was crucial to the promotion of their wellbeing and to reduce the potential for their re-traumatisation as far as possible. Barnardo's research with victims of CSE showed that young people needed support through four key points in the criminal justice process. These are: disclosure and police investigation, Crown Prosecution Service decision, preparation for the trial and during the trial, and the verdict and moving on.


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Policy and research documents, Safeguarding and protection, Youth justice

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