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Involve us, Respect us

Author : Fox, C & Le Blanc, O (May 2018)

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The Government has announced that Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) will be compulsory in all schools in England from September 2019. This means that all primary school children will be taught about relationships and all secondary school pupils will be taught about relationships and sex. This report is for policy makers who are designing statutory guidance on how RSE should be delivered. It is also for schools, teachers and support workers who deliver RSE to young people - who we refer to as 'educators'.

Understanding what helps young people engage with RSE will be vital to its success. Past research shows us how certain groups of young people - for example young people with different genders, ages, sexualities, ethnicities, faiths, or those with learning disabilities - have called for RSE that meets their needs and preferences. Our study adds to this knowledge of what helps young people engage with RSE, by exploring the views and concerns of a small sample of young people who are accessing Barnardo's support services. In this small-scale qualitative study, we gathered the views of young people accessing Barnardo's services through five focus groups. We also supplemented this insight with a survey, which 37 young people completed. In total, 56 young people engaged with our research. Our participants had mixed views and concerns in relation to the topics RSE should include and the way it should be delivered. Our methodology also highlights the potential value that can be gained in seeking the views of children and young people when delivering RSE, so educators can address concerns they may have, and engage children and young people with different life experiences and perspectives.


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