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Evaluation of Barnardo's Safe Accommodation Project for Sexually Exploited and Trafficked Young People

Author : Lucie Shuker (July 2014)

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The University of Bedfordshire valuated the Barnardo's Safe Accommodation Project, which piloted the use of specialist foster placements for young people at risk, or victims, of sexual exploitation and/or trafficking, for the first time in England, as well as providing training to foster carers and associated professionals, and 1-1 support to young people in other care settings.

The Safe Accommodation Project had three core aims: a to improve front-line practice through flexible, sensitive intervention with children at high risk; b to build capacity/expertise within the sector so that responses are better informed and sustainably improved; and c to keep children safe from harm. The evidence from the evaluation suggests that, between the outcomes achieved by the training and the specialist placement strands of the project, all three aims were achieved. The evaluation has shown that where placements are offered in line with the model suggested in the full evaluation report, sexually exploited and/or trafficked young people can be effectively protected and can continue to go on to recover from abuse. As such it is recommended that this model of specialist foster care should continue to be provided, drawing on the learning generated from the evaluation, in order to ensure that more young people can benefit from specialist accommodation.


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