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Data Protection Act 1998

The data we gather and hold is managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998), which requires us to disclose information only to the person about whom it was written.

Barnardo’s does not have a legal obligation to provide family history information to relatives and descendants. The Making Connections team however feel strongly that we have a moral obligation to share information with descendants whose lives may have been significantly affected by separation and loss, especially as we have such unique child care records and photographic archive.


Because of the above, we require signed consent from the nearest surviving direct descendant.

Researching our archive

In order to help our researchers identify your relative in our many thousands of records, we need as much factual information as possible.


Please remember to make it clear on the form how you are related to the person signing the consent form.

We will only be providing you with information about your relative. We will not include any information about their brothers and/or sisters who may have come into Barnardo’s at the same time. This information is confidential to them and can only be provided to you with their consent or that of their nearest surviving direct descendant.


Reading about your family circumstances may prove painful and disturbing. We feel many events and decisions of the past need to be understood in the context of the child care standards and social conditions of many years ago.

It concerns us that in sending information in the post to you we are unable to provide either emotional support or explanations of the facts. We ask you therefore to think carefully about who will support you when you read the information we send.

Elderly Relatives

If you are enquiring on behalf of an elderly relative we would like to know if you could be there to support them when they receive their information, and whether after you have left they will have someone nearby with whom they could talk things over.