About this service

Swindon Trailblazer is an early help mental health service for children and young people between the ages of 5-19 years within Swindon. Our practitioners, also known as Educational Mental Health Practitioners (EMHPs) are based in schools and work in close collaboration with nominated mental health leads within each school.

The team offers individual and group support to young people with mild to moderate mental health issues including anxiety, low mood, phobias, difficulty with anger, self-esteem and behavioural difficulties. The team delivers low intensity CBT interventions, parent-led CBT, group support, parenting programmes, and consultation for school staff.

Our Outreach Team works within the community to raise awareness of mental health issues and promote healthy mental wellbeing. They also help children, young people and families, who might otherwise find it difficult to access mental health support, by introducing them to other local professionals, charities and organisations.