About this service

Safer Futures Sexual Abuse Therapeutic & Assessment Service deliver:

We provide a range of inclusive and bespoke, Trauma-Based Interventions to children up to 18yrs of age who have experienced sexual abuse, or where there are concerns around sexualised behaviours that have not reached criminal justice levels. This includes:

• Individual therapeutic work with children
• Bespoke family interventions
• Support to parents/carers to help increase knowledge of trauma, how it affects children and develop an understanding of therapeutic parenting approaches.

We undertake bespoke Assessments, including:
• Capacity to protect assessment,
• Some sex offender assessments and assessment of risk to support decision making for children.
• Assessment of sexual concerns – where a child has emerging sexualised behaviours

In addition, we provide bespoke training courses and workshops for multi-agency professionals across all levels and all areas of sexual abuse and provide Consultancy to multi-agency professionals:

• Understanding sexual abuse, sexual abuse interventions, undertaking assessments, developing communication skills when working with children who have been sexually abused.
• Single and on-going consultation in complex cases.

What we do differently:
We know that all children and families are unique therefore we tailor interventions to individual needs and circumstances and locate the work within a multi-agency process. We work from a strengths based perspective with children and families, developing working agreements that ensure clarity, inclusion and opportunity to understand their own ‘journey and position’ whatever the intervention being provided.