What we do

Barnardo’s RISE has Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Advisors working alongside Police Scotland. CSE Advisors support police and partner agencies to identify, protect and support children and young people who have experienced CSE or who are at risk of being exploited. RISE aims to support the development of systems to be both perpetrator
focused and child/victim centred.

What we do:

Children and Young People
Direct work with children and young people at risk of, or who have experienced Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and work with parents, carers and families around impact, risk and support.

• Training and awareness raising.
• Consultations with workers supporting children and young people (including education, health, social work, third sector, youth justice) to support practice with CSE.
• Capacity building through ongoing support.

• Work with Police Scotland to identify children and young people at risk of CSE, or being harmed, as well as people causing concern.
• Intelligence gathering and disruption

There are 4 sites - Aberdeen, Dundee, Fife and Glasgow.

We can help with

Child sexual exploitation (CSE)

Supporting children and young people to recover from sexual abuse, as well as family counselling, preventive and awareness-raising programmes.

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Supporting children and young people who have gone missing/run away from home. Includes return-home interviews and/ or support to reduce risk-taking behaviour.

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