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Advocacy in Child Protection

The Leeds Children’s Rights Service is able to offer Advocacy support for children and young people, aged 5 to 18 years old, in Leeds who are being supported by a Social Worker on a Child Protection Plan.

This service is aimed at supporting children and young people to ensure that their wishes and feelings are being heard at Child Protection meetings. The advocate is able to support children and young people by attending Child Protection meetings on their behalf or supporting them during the meeting, if they have the option to attend. The advocate is separate from Social Workers, teachers and parents / carers, and is there to act as the voice of the child / young person. The advocate will also support the child or young person by ensuring that they are kept informed of what is happening and decisions that are being made, in a way that is easy for the child / young person to understand. The advocate can meet with the child or young person in a place that they feel comfortable talking to them, such as school or college or their home.
This support is voluntary and is entirely up to the child or young person if they would like to have an Advocate.

If you think you or someone that you know, whether that’s a family member or someone you are supporting as part of your role, would benefit from this support then please contact our team on 0113 2395570 or email [email protected]

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Advocacy and participation (children in care)

One-to-one support for looked-after children and young people and other vulnerable young people e.g. those on a child protection plan  focused on their right to be heard and involved in decisions about them, explaining their wishes, arguing their case. Activities and training for families and professionals.

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Independent support service

Providing Independent Supporters advice and support for parents of children with special educational needs (SEN), and young people with SEN. A range of time-limited support is available, tailored to the particular needs of individual families and young people.

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