What we do

The Children Centres service will improve the outcomes and life chances for all children, young people and their families by offering effective preventative and early intervention services that focus on those who are hardest to reach and are experiencing the greatest challenges in life.

The service is tailored to local need with specific provision based on in-depth understanding of the local communities it serves.

The service includes the following core elements:

1. Coordination and administration of the designated Children & Family Centres, associated outreach provision and volunteer coordination;

2. Provision of a range of stay, play and learn opportunities

3. Service, locality and community development

The Ladywood District Children's Centres operate across 3 main sites:

Ladywood Children's Centre
9 Plough and Harrow Road
B16 8UR

Soho Children's Centre
20 Louise Road
B21 0RY

Bertram Children's Centre
6 Bertram Road
B10 9QP

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Children's centres

A range of services for expectant parents and families with young children, including Ofsted-inspected children's centres.

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