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A service for children and young people at risk of or currently experiencing Sexual Exploitation or Criminal Exploitation living in West Sussex.

The service provides confidential 1:1 direct work sessions with children and young people, and also delivers awareness raising sessions and Real Love Rocks training for multi-agency professionals.

Direct work with young people is completed by our experienced Exploitation Practitioners. We are a trauma-informed service and as such we work hard to build engagement with our young people before completing a programme of work that aims to build self-esteem and instil resilience, while teaching the children how to recognise and respond appropriately to risk. We are child-led and as a result, the pace and content of the sessions varies, though as a general rule we cover topics such as consent, the law, grooming, online and social media safety, peer/gang/organised/party models of exploitation, sex and sexual health, county lines, trafficking, drugs and alcohol, mental health, reporting abuse and the criminal justice process, coping strategies, who can help, next steps, etc. We see most of our young people on a weekly basis and often form a vital part of the safety network around the child, attending all relevant meetings and advocating on their behalf.

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Child sexual exploitation (CSE)

Supporting children and young people to recover from sexual abuse, as well as family counselling, preventive and awareness-raising programmes.

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