Sexual abuse damages children's lives

Most abusers are family members or well known to the children they abuse.

Boy sitting on stairs

Children who are abused often have feelings of guilt and shame, which can dramatically affect both their childhoods and their lives as adults.

Their emotional and psychological problems can make it hard to have relationships later in life.

We're there to help

We help these children come to terms with what has happened to them - to move beyond the abuse and move forward with their lives.

We support children, young people and families where abuse has happened, with:

  • therapy and counselling 
  • support for parents to help them protect their children in future
  • support through court proceedings when abusers are prosecuted

We run projects across the UK and also work to increase public awareness of sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation (CSE), to help children and young people protect themselves.

I don't feel like a victim anymore. I feel like a survivor.

Anonymous young person