One in every seven girls experience some form of sexual abuse before their 16th birthday. This is Sophie's story.

When Sophie's parents split up, she moved away from her friends. She felt sad and lonely. That's when Sophie met an older man. He made her feel special and cared for at first, but then he broke her trust and sexually abused her. 

One day at his house, he made me do things I didn't want to do. Afterwards, I felt so used.


Teen girl on swing set

Sophie was still a child. No child should be sexually abused. Project worker Claire helped Sophie understand that none of this was her fault. With Claire's support, Sophie is getting through the trauma and starting to rebuild her life.

But there are many more children who miss out on this vital support. We urgently need your help to reach more children affected by sexual abuse, so that they can start to recover. 

Your support directly impacts these children's lives. For every £1 you donate, we spend 91p on working with the children and young people who most need our help.

If you've been affected by this issue, find out where to get help.

*Sophie's story is true, but names have been changed and models used to protect identities.