Summer can be a nightmare for vulnerable children and young people.

School provides a vital lifeline for many young people. During the summer holiday that lifeline is ripped away and many of those who attend our services find themselves increasingly disadvantaged, hungry, unsafe, anxious and overwhelmed. 

With your help, we want to change that. Sponsor a summer now. 


The problem

Children and young people living in poverty are especially vulnerable during the summer holidays.

Without the safety net of school, children lose the security of free school meals, and the structure and purposeful activities it provides. This directly leads to hunger and increased risk of abuse and violence. It also increases their chances of participating in, or become victims of, anti-social activity.

What do we provide? 

By attending our summer groups, disadvantaged young people will be able to make friends, take part in activities and pick up creative hobbies. We also support parents and carers during this challenging time so they feel able to connect and have fun with their children.

Donate just £5 a week, for six weeks, and you could provide arts and crafts materials for young people. Sponsor a summer now. 

Holiday hunger

The problem

Holiday hunger can feel isolating and debilitating for vulnerable children and families. 

Children living in poverty are vulnerable during the summer holidays without the security of free school meals. The legacy of the pandemic means even more children will go hungry this summer. The holidays will set families back even further.

What do we provide?

We work with young people and their families when they are having trouble accessing food banks, or when the supplies at food banks don’t meet their needs. We give food parcels and supermarket vouchers to supplement what they have been able to get. We also offer meals and snacks through our summer groups. 

Donate just £10 a week, for six weeks, and you could help a family cover their weekly food bill. Sponsor a summer now.  

Vulnerability outside school 

The problem

Time outside school can be dangerous for vulnerable children and young people. 

Many of those we support could be exposed to violence, abuse and exploitation during their summer holidays. To these young people, our services are vital during summer as they offer a safe place to go to and a trusting adult figure to confide in.

What do we provide? 

When schools and other support networks may not be available, we work throughout the year to help young people who have experienced or are at risk of abuse and exploitation. We also train members of the public (like those in the night time economy) to be able to identify children and young people who may be at risk during the summer holidays. 

Donate just £10 a week, for six weeks, and you could fund an outreach worker’s time engaging young people in activities to build a trusting adult relationship. Sponsor a summer now.  

Mental health & wellbeing 

The problem

Anxiety and stress are exacerbated without access to everyday support networks. Children and families can be left feeling helpless. 

For vulnerable young people, the summer holidays highlight the difference between themselves and their peers, which can be harmful to their self-esteem and mental health. 

What do we provide? 

We run specialised mental health and wellbeing services across the UK, supporting thousands of young people every year. We also provide advice, counselling and emotional support through a whole range of other programmes and groups. We understand that young people have a variety of complex needs, and tailor our approach to the individual and their experiences at any given time. 

Donate just £10 a week, for six weeks, and you could provide therapeutic books to help guide young people through a counselling sessionSponsor a summer now. 

Increased responsibilities 

The problem

The summer holidays increase the pressure on children and young people with caring responsibilities. 

School is respite for young carers, and they often say the summer holidays is an especially difficult time of the year. During the summer holidays, children will be even more relied upon to care for siblings, do the shopping, cooking and cleaning and provide mental and physical support for ill or disabled parents. 

What do we provide? 

In the summer, our young carers’ services provide young people with a break from their caring responsibilities and give them some much needed down time. Those who attend our services can get peer support, make new friends and be carefree for a little while. We also run short breaks services for young people with special educational needs and disabilities, as well as offering support to their families. 

Donate just £10 a week, for six weeks, and you could help pay for an exciting day out for three young carers and give them the chance to have fun, like any other child. Sponsor a summer now.