This summer, thousands of children will be feeling unseen and isolated. You can change that. 

By sponsoring a summer with a £60 gift you will be helping children and young people experience the joy of summer, just like they should. In return you’ll receive weekly email updates about the impact of your support, including videos, art and poetry from the young people your donations are helping. 

For most, the summer holidays are full of happiness, freedom, and adventure. But for many children and young people, the reality of summer is nothing like you would expect. When the lifeline of school is ripped away, many children and young people will find themselves increasingly lonely, anxious, misunderstood and unsafe. 

Girl feeding her younger sister

Worried, unseen, and isolated 

The school holidays can be the worst time of the year for vulnerable young people. Once school breaks up, many young people suddenly find themselves without teachers and friends to turn to and are left feeling worried, unseen, and isolated.  

But our summer projects help them share their summer with other young people like them, who make them feel less lonely and understood. When attending summer groups, young people will be able to meet others and make friends, play games, take part in activities and pick up new creative hobbies. 

£60 [£10 per week for six weeks] could help pay for an afternoon of a project worker’s time, and we wouldn’t have great summer programmes without them.

Holiday hunger 

Children living in poverty are especially vulnerable during the summer holidays without the security of free school meals, and the loss of structure provided by schools. Every pound you give will help us make sure vulnerable children and young people have access to healthy meals, supermarket vouchers and food parcels over the summer holidays.  

£10 per week, for six weeks, could help a family cover their weekly food bill. 

Mental health & wellbeing 

Our project workers ensure the most vulnerable young people always have somewhere to turn to over summer. Someone who cares for them, fights for them, and truly understands them. They provide safe space for young people to make friends with others in similar situations and express themselves creatively without fear of judgement.  

£10 per week for six weeks [or £60] could help provide an hour of counselling for a young person.

We urgently need your help to carry on providing these vital services to the most vulnerable children.