Zaynab's story

Woman in floral hijab

Zaynab is mum to 11-year-old Khadija. She cares for her 24 hours a day, which is exhausting and means she often misses out on time with her other children. She told us: “Raising a child with severe autism is challenging mentally, emotionally and physically. Every day has to revolve around Khadija.”

Our care workers help Khadija get ready for school, and give Zaynab a few precious hours off on Fridays for Jumu’ah.

Donate today and help us provide support for more families like Zaynab’s.

You can make a difference

Your donation could help us support more families who live with disabilities every day. 

Parents who are on call around the clock. Brothers and sisters who care for their siblings.

And children with disabilities who need safe, fun and inspiring ways to explore the world around them. 

With your help, we can give families the support they need, and some precious time away from the stresses of daily life. 

How your donation can help

  • £25 could buy colourful art materials for a messy play session for autistic children
  • £50 could offer a child with disabilities two hours of family support 
  • £100 could help pay for two children to attend a playgroup or after-school club

Names have been changed and some models have been used to protect the privacy of the children that we help. Donations will be used to fund areas of our work where the need is greatest.