Will you help a child feel safe this summer? 

Over the summer holidays, when school is closed for weeks on end, thousands of children can be trapped in harmful situations with no one to turn to. For children at risk of neglect, domestic abuse or exploitation, it’s a time of fear and anxiety. 

But if you donate today, you can help make summer safe. You can help support services that give children safe places to go, adults they can trust, activities that protect them from harm and support to help them recover from trauma. Please help fund: 

  • Overnight stays that give vulnerable children a break and a safe space for them to open up about what’s happening in their life- perhaps for the first time. 
  • Outreach workers who young people can trust and talk to during the summer. He or she could be the only adult a child feels comfortable enough with to open up. 
  • Activities that give children something to do and protect them from adults who may try to exploit them. 
  • Therapy with trained professionals, to help children recover from trauma. 

Help support a child who needs it the most. #MakeSummerSafe 

Where our money goes

Your gift will go where the need is greatest. Thank you for believing in children. 

If you or someone you know has been affected by any of the issues in this appeal, visit our Get Help page to find out how to access support. 

Models have been used in order to protect children's identities. 

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