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Incredible things happen when you believe in children.

Working in partnership with us, your business can support the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people while strengthening your brand and meeting your corporate social responsibilities.

For us it's all about shared brand values, commercial benefits, engaging key stakeholders and transforming lives.

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Opportunities to work together

Our corporate partnerships team will help you identify and, develop the type of partnership that is right for your business and will help achieve the results you want. 

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    Commercial Partnerships

    Bringing our brands together to create engaging campaigns which drive sales and change young people’s lives.

    “It has been a pleasure to support Barnardo’s [...]offering our customers the opportunity to purchase bouquets delivered 7 days a week, including a range of exclusive bouquets designed by children and young people. This has created a unique commercial opportunity both aligned to our core business objectives and in the process raising significant funds for Barnardo’s."

    Phillip Crowther, Business Development Manager at Prestige Flowers

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    Transformative Partnerships

    True co-creation, bringing together our expertise to overcome a specific challenge affecting children and young people.

    “We’ve focused on areas of real importance to both Saint-Gobain and Barnardo’s. We’ve supported young care leavers by helping develop high-quality homes to transition from care to independent living and providing facilities for young people to train and develop new skills. Both of these programmes, funded by colleagues’ fundraising, will make a real difference to the lives of young people."

    Richard Batley, HR & CSR Director at Saint-Gobain

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    Engagement Partnerships

    Working together to motivate and mobilise your staff and /or customers to transform the lives of children and young people.

    “We’ve been delighted to work for three years with Barnardo’s. Our colleagues got really engaged, from raising funds to volunteering, it was incredibly motivating and inspiring for our people and customers to think we could help the UK’s most vulnerable children through this partnership.”

    Elisa Moscolin, Head of Sustainability at Santander

Our partners

Judge us by the company we keep

We're proud to have a proven track record of developing successful and long-term partnerships with some of the biggest brands across the UK that share our unwavering commitment to supporting the needs of vulnerable children.

IKEA and Barnardo's Partnership Impact Report

Ikea logo

In 2019 IKEA chose Barnardo’s as their charity partner for the UK and Ireland. The vision of that partnership was to couple IKEA’s unique knowledge of life at home with Barnardo’s 154 years of expertise in delivering high quality services to vulnerable children and young people, in order to support care leavers to live independently and work towards a positive future.

You can read about the impact of IKEA’s support and the power of our partnership here.

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