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    Youth in lockdown: In their own words

    To understand how the COVID-19 lockdown has impacted children and young people in the UK, and to better help them, we conducted a survey with over 100 participants who were already supported by Barnardo’s, as well as gathered insights from 150 children and young people working with our service youth colleagues.

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    How to relieve the boredom!

    Is lockdown boredom getting to you? Do days seem like they are blurring into one? There are other ways to keep yourself entertained, you just need to look!

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    Joining Pride from your living room

    The COVID-19 lockdown means that sadly, Pride events right around the country are postponed - but that doesn’t mean there’s less to get involved with, and means there’s more time to explore the rich history of the LGBT+ community.

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    Coping with loss

    The uncertainty of current times is affecting everyone at the moment. If you're also dealing with the grief of losing a loved ones, things are that much harder, so we've put together some advice to help.

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    Supporting teenagers during lockdown

    Being in lockdown undoubtedly has its challenges. What people may not think about as much, however, is how this is affecting teenagers – now, and in the future. We explore the issues teenagers are facing during the COVID-19 lockdown.