Published on
12 March 2020

The Ministry of Justice has this morning published knife and offensive weapon sentencing statistics for England and Wales for 2019.

They reveal:

  • Last year 14,219 offences for possession of an article with a blade or point were dealt with by the police and courts in England and Wales. This is a 4% increase on the previous year (13,632)
  • This is the highest figure since 2009 when the figures were first compiled (12,973).

Barnardo’s Chief Executive, Javed Khan, said:Knife crime tears families and communities apart, especially as both victims and offenders are often children and young people. 

“To break this deadly cycle of violence, we must address the ‘poverty of hope’ that leaves too many children vulnerable to crime. 

“They often face a future with no qualifications, no job prospects, and no role models, and some believe that carrying knives and delivering drugs is the only way to help mum pay the rent. 

“The Government urgently needs to work with charities, education, health, youth workers, the criminal justice system and local communities to find long-term answers and restore children’s hope for a positive future.”