Published on
16 January 2020

The Ministry of Justice has this morning published knife and offensive weapon sentencing statistics for England and Wales for the year ending September 2019.

They reveal:

  • The highest number of knife and offensive weapon offences since year ending September 2009.
  • Offenders are now more likely to receive an immediate custodial sentence for a knife and offensive weapon offence, and for longer.

Barnardo’s Chief Executive Javed Khan said:

“Knife crime devastates families and communities, especially as victims and offenders are often children.

“We need to tackle the root causes and understand why those involved carry knives. Increasing the number and length of sentences can only be part of the solution, as this may not deter young people who are suffering a poverty of hope.

“Often they have no qualifications, no job prospects, and no role models, making them vulnerable to criminal gangs who force them to deliver drugs and carry knives to protect themselves. We need to reach them before they reach for a knife.

“The new Government urgently needs to work with charities, education, health, youth workers, the criminal justice system and local communities to find long-term solutions, so vulnerable children have a reason to turn away from crime.”