You might have seen my message on TV

I’m a project worker with Barnardo’s and I help children like Emily*, who I spoke about in my video - she’s been through something no child ever should.

She was groomed by a man she met online. He gained her trust, made her feel special and then forced her into sending explicit pictures and videos of herself. At first, he told her he was just a few years older than her - but he was actually 54 years old.

I’ve been working with Emily through the trauma and, as hard as it’s been, it’s helped her to get her life back.


Project worker

It breaks my heart that so many children need our support. But they do. By donating to Barnardo's, you’re helping more children like Emily recover from abuse like this.

There’s no quick fix for children like Emily, that’s why long term support is vital to our work. Please consider making a regular gift.

Why Barnardo's

  • We believe that with the right help and committed support, even the most vulnerable children can transform their lives and fulfil their potential

  • Thanks to our supporters we reached, helped and transformed the lives of 301,100 children, young people, parents and carers in 2017-18

  • 91p of every single £1 you give goes directly to helping vulnerable children at projects up and down the country

Our work to help children affected by sexual abuse

  • We have been supporting children affected by sexual exploitation for more than 20 years
  • We supported 6,500 people through our Child Abuse and Exploitation services in 2017-18
  • We are the largest provider of child sexual exploitation (CSE) support in the UK

There are more children out there who need our help and support - your donation will help us to reach them.

Project worker
Once they feel safe and strong, they can face the trauma they’ve been through. Then, when they’re ready, we’ll support them as they rebuild their lives and move on.


Project worker

If you've been affected by this issue, you can find support from National Association for People Abused in Childhood on 0808 801 0331.

*Emily’s name has been changed in order to protect her identity.

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