We believe in the power of Christmas as a time to look after children who need our help.

At Barnardo's, we believe that Christmas is supposed to be a magical time for children. But sadly, thousands of children across the UK are struggling because of abuse, mental health issues or their family circumstances. Take Christmas back to what it should be – celebrating with friends and family, and giving – let’s look after children who need our help at this important time of year. That’s why we’re calling it Kidsmas.

We’ll be helping children like Sophie who really need some Christmas magic. 

10 year old Sophie was caring for her mum and little brother. Her mum suffered from post-natal depression and her dad was working nights, meaning Sophie was often left to care for her brother and emotionally support her mum.  Sophie became isolated and overwhelmed - she started to fall behind at school and missed out on having fun with her friends. 

Then she met Claire from Barnardo’s. She gave Sophie the chance to talk about how she was feeling, build up her confidence and helped her find ways of coping. Sophie also attended a Barnardo’s Young Carers club to meet other children like her, so she no longer felt so alone.  Now Sophie is much happier, she’s grown a lot and is doing things she never would have had the confidence to do before. Sophie has been given the chance to be a child again and simply have fun, just like every child should.

Why Barnardo's

  • We believe that with the right help and committed support, even the most vulnerable children can transform their lives and fulfil their potential
  • Thanks to our supporters we reached, helped and transformed the lives around 300,000 children, young people, parents and carers in 2018-19
  • For every £1 we spend, 91p goes directly to helping vulnerable children at projects up and down the country

We work with thousands of children and young people over the festive period. Your support means we can provide a little Christmas magic, whether it’s a ‘Christmas Box’ for their family or a Christmas Party to provide some respite - every donation makes a difference.

But it also means we can continue to provide long term support throughout the year. It means we can help place a foster child with a loving family, help a child deal with parental bereavement, or help children just like Sophie, find their feet, and provide them with support - whether it's Christmas or not.

*Sophie's story is true but her name has been changed and a model used to protect her identity.

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