Nottingham Befriending service

What we do

Our Befriending service provides care experienced young people the opportunity to meet with volunteers to gain support and guidance, so that they can start living more independently.

Our young people are aged 16-25 and are either in the process of leaving care or have recently left care services with Nottingham City Council. They are looking for someone to guide them through their journey to becoming more independent and this could be achieved through socialising and friendly chats, through developing life skills or by learning new skills together.

Our Befriending service gives young people the opportunity to meet with a volunteer in a one-to-one setting on a regular basis. The meetings are centred around the needs of the young person and could be going for a walk to talk through a tough time, picking up a new hobby, learning a new skill, going bowling etc. The meetings between the young person and the volunteer are often just about socialising and having fun, whilst providing a listening ear and compassion.

Each young person is unique and they have their own goals and needs, and that's why we have a diverse group of volunteers, to ensure that we can provide suitable matches between the young person and the volunteer.

Our volunteers are aged 21 years and over, from all backgrounds and experiences. We welcome different skills, abilities and personalities.

If you feel you have some time to help a care experienced young person, or you are a care experienced young person looking for a friendly face to offer their support, our Befriending service could be exactly what you are looking for!

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