Marilyn and Rochdi's adoption experience

After 12 years together, Marilyn, 62, and Rochdi, 39, decided to adopt two Muslim siblings. They had not been able to have children naturally and felt that it was the right time to start a family.

The married couple became an adoptive family having approached other agencies without success. Marilyn believes the lack of success was because of her age and the fact that she and her husband had decided late in life that they wanted children.

Before the children were adopted by the couple they had been in foster care for more than three years. They were in the process of being placed in separate foster homes prior to the involvement of Marilyn and Rochdi.

"The thought of them being split up sends shivers down my spine” - Marilyn.

Rochdi tells us that he was adopted as a child, which has allowed him to use his experiences to make sure that his children achieve their full potential.

Since being adopted, the children’s school grades have significantly improved. They both enjoy an active social life with a wide circle of friends, attending after school clubs, including football and drama.

Your decision to adopt has the potential to change a child's life and yours.