Christmas should be a magical time for children. 

This Christmas, the Coronavirus crisis has doubled the risk to vulnerable children. Abuse, poverty, mental health issues and loneliness are on the rise, depriving children of the chance to enjoy this very special time of year. But there is a way you can help.

By supporting Kidsmas with a donation you can make a life-changing difference to a vulnerable child – giving them the expert support, kindness and care they need to have a happier Christmas, and a brighter future. 

More children will be missing loved ones they’ve lost to the virus and children will be coming to terms with what has happened over the past year. Many will have missed months of school, cutting them off from their usual support systems and routines. Violence at home, domestic abuse, child sexual abuse and coercive control have slipped under the radar, with fewer children able to disclose or report harms.

Now, more than ever, we need to raise vital funds to reach and support these vulnerable children at Christmas time.

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Barnardo's key stat 2018

Of every £1 we spend, 91p goes on our work. 3p on governance and pension costs and 6p on raising the next £1. When Barnardo’s was founded 152 years ago, our vision was of a world where no child in need was turned away. In 2017-18, we worked with 301,100 children, young people, parents and carers – an eleven per cent increase from the 272,300 we worked with in 2016-17.