This unprecedented crisis has created a perfect storm of acute need for the families, young people and children we help – and a sudden loss of income for Barnardo’s.

As fundraising events have been cancelled and our 700 retail shops have had to close, we have already lost a third of our monthly income. We are working flat out to ensure that we continue to provide essential support to children and families. But we need your help to keep going. Please donate today to help support the children who need us most.

Our buildings are closed but our doors are open.

We are still providing one-to-one support to the most vulnerable children with complex needs and we are redesigning many services, so our staff can provide effective support either online through new digital solutions or by phone.

The support we provide our young people is life changing. It can make the difference between a young person using self-harm as a relief or using a wellness tool!


Project Worker

We will do everything in our power to support the vulnerable children and their families, who are facing one of the greatest challenges of their lives.

How we're helping

We're tackling the impact this has had on the children and families we work with in three ways:

Providing Virtual Counselling Sessions

We are working to ensure that we can provide remote counselling for vulnerable children to support them through this crisis, as well as providing personalised packs containing items to help them cope with this unprecedented crisis.

Empowering With Digital Tools

Our goal is to provide the equipment needed for vulnerable children to be able to interact with our children's workers and get the support they need. We will also arrange online ‘play along’ sessions through our Children’s Centres so that they can see and interact with our workers using the devices.

Access to Food and Essentials

We need to help families and young people struggling to get basic items such as food and toiletries – and provide them with extra help in the form of credit when it is needed. These are necessities to keep children healthy during their time in isolation. With your help, we're working to provide food vouchers to help those who previously relied on food banks and reduced-price food. We’re also looking at food distribution and provision of phone credit to access services.

You can explore more about the ways we're helping below. 

We’re needed more than ever – but without your support we may not have funds to give the support that’s needed. Please donate today!

See how your help is supporting vulnerable children and families

  • Young boy texting

    Providing Virtual Counselling Sessions

    We are rapidly moving from a mental health crisis to a catastrophe. We’re working hard to develop safe ways to communicate with and support children with mental health issues during the crisis. 

  • Young man texting sitting on a bench in a park

    Empowering With Digital Tools

    Our project workers are no longer able to provide face-to-face services. We are trying to move our offering online where possible, but a lack of digital capability is often a barrier to this for young people and families.

  • Boy sitting on stairs

    Access to Food and Essentials

    Lack of essential food items will exacerbate an already perilous position for many families. We’re working hard to provide food vouchers to help those who previously relied on food banks and reduced-price food.

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