Families affected by the pandemic are in urgent need of beds, bedding, and help with home moves and health and safety issues.

Before the pandemic 4.2 million children in the UK were living in poverty (during 2018-19). That's 30% of children, but as of August 2020, 80% of low-income families in the UK are in a worse financial position than before the crisis. Young people and families need help making their homes warm and safe.

Please help provide vital home supplies and support for those in need by donating today.

How we're helping

With money raised during our crisis appeal last year, we were able to contribute £15,000 to help pay electricity and gas bills, enabling vulnerable young people and families to access basic necessities so many of us take for granted.

In the winter months, and especially during another national lockdown, the cost of utility bills will inevitably increase, at a time when so many people are under significant financial pressure. We urgently need to ramp up our efforts to provide these vouchers and cover these costs wherever possible.

Your support has enabled us to distribute emergency essentials to families struggling to provide basic necessities.

A Support worker in Scotland