Mental health issues, made worse by the pandemic, will be with us for a long time.

Through our research we know that children and young people are more lonely, more worried, more sad and more stressed than before lockdown. Over 80% of our frontline staff are supporting someone with an increase in mental health issues linked to Coronavirus.

We developed safe ways to communicate with and support children with mental health issues during the crisis. We’re providing face to face support where we can and following safety rules. And our frontline staff are continuing to deliver vital support through phonecalls and video chats - making sure we’re there whenever children need us.

We find opportunities to support, but also to play, so that children are not followed by their worries all the time. Having a bit of carefree fun means children can be children.

Help give vulnerable children and families the support they need during this crisis.

£10 a month could help pay for frontline staff to work 1-2-1 with a child - both face-to-face or digitally, giving them a safe space to talk through their feelings and find practical ways of coping with challenges.