Lockdown may be over for now, but the impact of Coronavirus on children and young people is going to reach far into the future.

In many cases, issues like online grooming, domestic abuse and the effects of poverty have slipped under the radar. Some young people are experiencing feelings of grief due to a recent family bereavement or are affected by loss in a wider sense - like the loss of freedom, identity or certainty in the world around them. Poor mental health has been triggered by isolation - leaving children feeling lonely, worried and anxious about the future.

Although referrals to our services have recently dropped, this is likely to be for all the wrong reasons. In lockdown, it was harder for children and young people to get the help they need. As a result, we believe there are more children suffering in silence than ever. 

Right now, our frontline staff are working tirelessly to support young people navigating this new world we live in, helping them to find their place in it. As restrictions ease, we expect demand on our services to skyrocket. Help us be there for every child who needs us when this happens.

Together we can build a better future for children

In the last few months, your support has been a lifeline for vulnerable children and their families - helping to deliver food vouchers, digital equipment, online therapy sessions and mental health packs. 

With your help, we can continue to address the inequalities Coronavirus brought about and can help these young people access the support they deserve. So they can feel safe, empowered and look forward to a more positive future. 

Many young people we support have expressed a vision for a more equal, caring, and understanding post-pandemic world. Join us to help those aspirations become reality.

We all know that life as we knew it isn’t going to be the same. I think it would be nice for the world to still be part of a community. People caring for each other and offering each other help like we have done during lockdown


Young person

See how you can support children facing one of the greatest challenges of their lives

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    Poverty & inequality

    Families across the country have been struggling to make ends meet. With the UK entering a recession, poverty is set to become even more acute. You can help families get the support they need to thrive.

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    Mental health

    We believe the mental health issues, made worse by the pandemic, will be with us for a long time. You can ensure young people have someone they can rely on to help work through their feelings and find ways to cope with the challenges.

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    Lockdown has increased the risk of harm for children and young people. You can help give children the support they need to recover from trauma and reduce levels of harm.

All names have been changed and models have been used in order to protect the identities of children involved. Donations will go where the need is greatest, supporting vulnerable children and families.

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