The Coronavirus crisis has created a perfect storm of acute need for the families, young people and children we help – and a sudden loss of income for Barnardo’s.

We have already lost a third of our monthly income as fundraising events have been cancelled and our 700 retail shops have had to close.

It’s vital that all vulnerable children across the UK receive the support they need during this uniquely difficult time. That’s why we are asking for your support to ensure we can reach them and respond to their changing needs.  

Please donate today to help us continue to reach vulnerable children, young people and families affected by Coronavirus.

Coronavirus is pushing vulnerable children and families to the edge. It’s increasing the pressure on them both emotionally and financially. Barnardo’s is committed to helping them through these desperate times.

Yet we need your help to keep going. Please donate today to help support the children who need us most.​​​​​​

The support we provide our young people is life changing. It can make the difference between a young person using self-harm as a relief or using a wellness tool!


Project Worker

As the day to day situation evolves our staff are working day and night to prioritise and scale up our support where we will have the greatest impact. 

We are working to provide interim mental health and wellbeing support for young people and their families during this difficult time. As the uncertainty may cause or heighten anxiety whilst also requiring us to deliver services to existing service users in new ways

We are building our capabilities to digital our services online, now that they have had to close their buildings to children and young people.

We want to help young people who are struggling to access basic necessities such as food and toiletries, and provide them with extra help in the form of food vouchers where needed.

But this may not be possible, if our monthly income continues to drop.

Our work and your support has never been more vital, and we hope we can count on you to help us reach an ever growing number of vulnerable children, young people and their families.​​​​​​ Donations will go where the need is greatest, supporting vulnerable children and families at this difficult time.

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