Everyone feels scared, worried or sad sometimes. You might have heard a lot of people at school or at home talking about the Coronavirus, and you might be worried about how it could affect you.

It's important to try not to worry about everything you read. There are good, main sources of information about the virus itself in the NHS and the government, and there are a lot of news sources who will responsibly talk about what's happening and how it affects us. If there's an adult you trust, you can ask them to explain some of the things you've heard. 

We've compiled some of our own blogs and links to other sites here that may help you if you're feeling worried, scared or sad. Childline has wonderful tools for you to read about what your feelings might mean, how to deal with them, and give you an outlet for whatever you're feeling. You can find the links below. We'll be adding to this over the next few weeks, so check back regularly for more information and support. 

  • Childline's Calm Zone

    Do you feel anxious, scared or sad? The Calm Zone has lots of tools for you to express what you're feeling and activities designed to bring calm.

  • Ask Sam

    Something on your mind? Or need some support?Anyone can write in with their problem. Sam responds to a few letters each week. You can also read their advice to people who have similar problems to you.

  • Worried about Coronavirus?

    Childline has lots of information about coronavirus - what it is, how to get help if you're worried, how to cope if you're staying at home or if you're feeling unwell

  • Childline messageboard

    Want to say how you're feeling? Or ask a question? The messageboard has lots of other children and young people talking about their lives. You can add your story or question, or you can see how other people are feeling.

  • Anxiety, stress and panic

    Feeling anxious or stressed can lead to lots of different reactions that can be hard to deal with. Childline has ways to cope if you're ever worried.

  • Coping for Kids: Coronavirus

    Coping for Kids has some great tools to help you (and your parents) deal with any worry or fear to do with Coronavirus.