Lockdown has increased the risk of harm for children and young people.

Perpetrators can take advantage of young people spending more time online after months of being cut-off from school and staying at home. Children in abusive homes have been trapped with their abusers in ‘pressure cooker’ environments and have not been able to reach out for help. 

With fewer eyes and ears on vulnerable children because of the pandemic, we believe there are more children suffering in silence than ever. 

We offer tailored support for children and young people, to help reduce levels of harm.  Our dedicated project workers are there for children and young people: providing a safe space for them to talk through feelings, come to terms with trauma, find practical ways of coping with challenges and ultimately feel safe again. 

The coronavirus pandemic means vulnerable children and young people are increasingly hidden from services, and by working closely with the Department for Education and a wide range of national and local charities, we will provide a vital lifeline to those at risk of harm.

Help give vulnerable children and families the support they need during this crisis.

£5 a month could buy vital phone credits, allowing a young person to contact their project worker whenever they need someone to turn to.​​​​​​