Give to our Christmas Appeal to support children in poverty who are cold, hungry and left-out. Help us be there for them at Christmas and beyond. 

Our Christmas Appeal is all about filling hungry tummies with nourishing food, providing warm clothes and bedding, and helping children experience a bit of Christmas fun and magic at a time when everything feels even more difficult for families living in poverty.

Christmas is a busy time. During the school holidays, we’re often the only line of support for children in poverty. And we want to be there for every child who needs us. But we can only do that with your help.

And with your gift, Barnardo’s can be there at Christmas and beyond. We also provide ongoing support by helping to find suitable accommodation, and empowering families with access to longer term financial advice to set them up for a better future.

A seven-year-old girl looks thoughtfully to camera.
Christmas is just something to get through


7 years old

How your money helps

Your gift will go where the need is greatest. Thank you for believing in children.

92p of every £1 we spend goes directly towards helping children. 

Names and details have been changed and models used to protect the privacy of children we help.

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