Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a child.

For the duration of this programme, support from kind people like you has meant we’ve transformed the lives of so many vulnerable children. However, thousands more across the UK need us to be there for them every day.

As the New Year approaches and we face increased need for our specialist services, we’re making some changes so we can help even more children. As the Child Sponsorship programme has been recently closed to reduce overheads, a regular donation from you will help ensure we can be there to provide the long-term care and support they urgently need.

Would you consider being a Regular Giver? Your regular donation will support more than 900 projects Barnardo's runs across the UK, and more than 200,000 vulnerable children who need your help every year.

Thank you


£15 per month could provide hot dinners for homeless children at a Barnardo’s project.


£10 a month could ensure we can give emergency foster care to children who have suffered abuse, so they can start rebuilding their life.


£5 a month could support our Schools’ Education Programmes to teach children how to stay safe, and how to access help if they need it.

Please give what you can to help us to provide long-term support and care for vulnerable children across the UK.