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If you would like to register for the L2P, please complete your details below.

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Self Fund Place
Self funded place for L2P with no minimum sponsorship requirement.


Minimum Sponsorship Place
You are agreeing to raise £1500 sponsorship as Barnardo's will be covering trip cost.


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Terms and Conditions

Challenge Event Terms and Conditions

General Terms:By applying for entry into the Event I agree with Barnardo’s that:

Registration and participation
1. I will be aged 16 years or over on the date of the Event.
2. I will pay a non-refundable registration fee of £50 and, if choosing the Self Funding Option, pay an additional £700 fee. Minimum Sponsorship Payment Option - a non refundable £50 registration fee and a minimum sponsorship requirement of £1,500.
Self Funding Option - non refundable £50 registration fee and an additional £700 fee. 

3. I will inform Barnardo’s Events Team immediately if I am unable to take part in the Event.  When my withdrawal is acknowledged, I will not be liable to raise any further sponsorship. 
4. I acknowledge I cannot swap, sell or transfer my place in the Event or allow anyone else to participate on my behalf.
5. I understand that Barnardo’s have the right to refuse registration or application for a place in an Event without providing reasons for doing so and at any time.
6. I understand that in order to take part in the Event, I must complete the Event Organiser’s registration as well. Failure to complete the Event registration by any applicable deadline may mean I am unable to participate in the Event.

Minimum fundraising target (Applicable only for Minimum Sponsorship Payment Option)

7. When choosing the Minimum Sponsorship payment option, I pledge to raise a minimum of £1,500 for Barnardo’s (excluding gift aid and registration fee) through my participation in the Event and understand it is the aim of this Event to raise as much above this amount as possible.
8.If at any point I feel unable to raise the pledged amount, I will inform Barnardo’s Events team immediately in order that they can have the opportunity to offer assistance with fundraising.
9. I understand that if the sum of £1,500 has not been raised by 8 weeks before the event (01/06/18), I may have to pay the remainder from my own personal funds within one month of the Event date or in instalments to be agreed in writing with Barnardo’s.

Donations and payment terms
10.I will regularly pay all money collected on behalf of Barnardo’s to Barnardo’s directly by the following means:-
     a. Via an online giving platform;
     b. to the Barnardo’s bank account using the paying-in slips or banking details (these must be requested by the fundraiser);
     c. via cheque, CAF vouchers and Charities trust vouchers made payable to ‘Barnardo’s’ and sent to the Barnardo’s       Challenge Event Team, Barkingside, Ilford, Essex, IG6 1QG
     d. by credit or debit card donations made by calling the Barnardo’s Challenge Event Team directly on 0208 498    7091within 30 days of me receiving the money .

11. I agree that if I withdraw for any reason prior to the Event, any monies raised will be non-refundable and will be treated as a donation to Barnardo’s.
12. I will only use sponsorship forms issued by Barnardo’s and not use any other type of sponsorship form (unless otherwise agreed with Barnardo’s)
13. I agree that my sponsorship forms will make it clear that the money is not given subject to any conditions and that the monies will not be returned if the Event is cancelled or I do not complete the Event.
14. I will send Barnardo’s my completed sponsor forms with details of the names and addresses of and amounts donated or pledged by all sponsors no later than 4 weeks after the Event. This will allow Barnardo’s to process gift aid on donations.

15. I will comply with any fundraising guidance or advice issued by Barnardo’s and abide by the Code of Fundraising Practice issued by the Fundraising Regulator.
16. I will collect money only on behalf of Barnardo’s in connection with the Event.
17. I will use only lawful means to fundraise for Barnardo’s and will not do anything that harms or is likely to harm Barnardo’s reputation. 
18. I will not use the Barnardo’s logo without permission and will obtain all fundraising materials from Barnardo’s.
19. My fundraising will not include:

 a.Raising funds by carrying out door-to-door or unsolicited collections;
 b.Collecting in any public place without first obtaining a Barnardo’s collectors’ licence from Barnardo’s and      authorisation from the local authority and any other licences or consent that Barnardo’s require me to obtain
c.Collecting on private property (including shops, pubs etc) without first obtaining a Barnardo’s collectors’ licence from Barnardo’s and permission of the owner of the private property.
d. Conducting any raffle or lottery or putting on any public Event without first contacting Barnardo’s and taking any steps which Barnardo’s require.

20. I agree that Gift Aid payments cannot count towards the fundraising pledge and instead will be considered as over and above the pledged fundraising total.
21. I agree that Barnardo’s can terminate my authority to fundraise on their behalf at any time by sending written notice to the address below.

Personal data and images 
22.I consent to being filmed/photographed by Barnardo’s or someone contracted by Barnardo’s in relation to this Event. The rights to such footage or photographs will be Barnardo’s. I give permission for the free use of my name, picture, image, feedback and comments in any future publicity, advertising, fundraising materials and/or promotion in perpetuity.
23.I give permission for my personal information to be stored and used by Barnardo’s in connection with the organisation, promotion and administration of this Event and any other Events or promotions offered by Barnardo’s.
24.I give permission for my personal information to be passed on to the Event Organiser by Barnardo’s for the purposes of the organisation, promotion and administration of this Event.
25.Further information on how Barnardo’s use and store my data is available to view on Barnardo’s website within their Privacy policy.

Health, safety and fitness
26. I take part in the Event at my own risk and will not hold Barnardo’s or any connected persons responsible for any accident, injury or illness sustained to the fullest extent possible in law.
27. I will fully prepare myself for the physical challenge of the Event and I will check with my doctor to ensure that I am medically fit to participate in the Event.
28. Any equipment required for participation in the event will be provided by me and will be my sole responsibility. Any loss or damage occasioned to my equipment as a result of participation in the event shall not be the liability of Barnardo’s or Viva Velo. 
29. I understand that this Event is organised by the Event Organiser, Viva Velo, who is solely responsible for the conduct and operation of the Event, including all health and safety requirements. I will read the Event Organiser’s Terms and Conditions for the Event and will comply with any specific Event rules given by them.
30. Any correspondence regarding these terms and conditions should be directed to Barnardo’s Challenge Events Team, Barkingside, Ilford, Essex, IG6 1QG or 0208 498 7091

31. I understand that Barnardo’s reserves the right to request an additional fee, above the registration fee, in the event of increases to the base trip cost (as charged to Barnardo’s) as a result of currency fluctuations.

32. I will take out adequate and valid travel insurance, which will include without limitation; assistance (including repatriation) in the event of accident or illness, and third party liability for injury and damage.

33. If I want to cancel my booking, I must send this in writing to Barnardo’s by email. I will be charged a cancellation fee as follows If I cancel (this is the date on which Barnardo’s receive my written notice of cancellation during the hours of 9am to 5.00pm). 

  • More than 60 days before your arrival date: £200 
  • Between 60 and 14 days before your arrival date: £375
  • Within 14 days of arrival date: £750 

If I have chosen the Self Funding option the fee will be taken from my initial payment of registration fee and trip costs. If I have chosen the Minimum Sponsorship option then the cancelation fee will be taken from my registration fee and any fundraising I’ve have collected. If these don’t equate to the cancellation fee, I may be required to make up the difference with my own funds.

Your responsibility for booking
34. When I make a booking I guarantee that I have the authority to accept the terms of these booking conditions. This means that I am responsible for making all payments due, notifying Barnardo’s of any changes or cancellations are required and for receiving the con?rmation.


By ticking the box below, you:

  • confirm that you have read and understood these terms and conditions, and in particular those under the headings "PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS", "FUNDRAISING REQUIREMENTS" and "LIABILITY";
  • confirm that you are eligible to participate in the Event; and
  • agree that your participation in the Event shall be subject to these terms and conditions, and that you will comply with them.

Keeping in touch

We believe in being open, honest and transparent with our supporters and want you to feel comfortable about your decision to give.

  • That's why we'll communicate with you in the way you wish us to and always respect your privacy.
  • We'll spend the gifts you make to us wisely and efficiently.
  • We will use the details you provide to tell you how your gifts are helping, how much we value your support and other ways you can help in the future.
  • We're always happy to hear from you and will respond promptly to any concerns or questions.

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You can change how we communicate with you at any time. Contact us on 0800 0087005 or at Thank you for believing in children.