James was supported by our BeFree service.

James grew up in an environment of violence and chaos. James discussed the violence that he witnessed between his biological parents. He disclosed physical and sexual abuse from his father and was able to identify this as a huge contributor to the anger that manifests in him daily.

James has an extensive criminal record, but his most recent offence was a domestic charge of assault. James disclosed that he almost killed his partner in the attack and he was now keen to change these behaviours.

He self-referred following a domestic abuse session delivered in the hall to Barnardo's Be Free service who work with young people in abusive relationships, or who have been identified as having low self esteem and are at risk of experiencing unhealthy relationships.

He identified his own controlling tendencies throughout the session and requested support in response to this. He engaged in 25 sessions due to complex issues and disclosures throughout support. Sessions surrounded understanding healthy/ unhealthy relationships, coping strategies, risks, and managing anger issues. He made a successful exit from support. He articulated that he was "a perpetrator of domestic violence" and how the support that the service offered has allowed him to "overcome the shame and make positive steps towards a healthy relationship in the future."