Summer fashion for any occasion

This summer in the UK alone, an astonishing £2.7 billion will be spent on summer outfits that will only be worn once, which is damaging to not only your purse, but also the planet.

With summer being the season to purchase for occasion-wear and special outfits for weddings, BBQs, holidays and festivals, we really want to challenge and encourage you to shop more sustainably across the season.

And it couldn’t be simpler! By shopping at your local Barnardo’s store, it really is easy to find pre-loved occasion-wear to see you through the summer.

We’ve picked out four hero pieces, showing how you can rework them using interchanging accessories, to suit your key events this summer.

Even better, 100% of the profits made in our stores help to transform the lives of vulnerable children, young people and families in the UK. Guilt-free, sustainable shopping at its best!