Joe's transformation from frightened to thriving

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Three years ago Joe* was struggling – he’d spent the first eight years of his life rarely leaving the house, except to go to school.

Joe’s mother had mental health problems and he’d witnessed domestic violence at home. Joe didn’t want to leave the house and used to have terrible nightmares.

When Barnardo’s first placed Joe with his foster carers, Amy and Glenn, he was 11. He didn’t know how to wash himself, brush his teeth or use a knife and fork.

Over the last three years Amy and Glenn have seen Joe's personality flourish as a result of being in such a nurturing environment. 

He’s able to be a child for once. He’s very chatty and sociable now. In fact, he’s 100 times better than he was. He’ll do anything now. He’d never been to the beach, a zoo or a cinema - all the basic things kids like to do. But we’ve taught him to swim and he enjoys doing all those things now.


Foster carer

Although Joe still struggles with schooling, he has people around him that believe in him and he faces a positive future. Joe will remain with his foster family until he is at least 18 years old. 

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*Names have been changed and models have been used in order to protect identities.