Support children from war torn countries

Ali* has endured more than any child should.

He was forced to leave his home and family. He was beaten, trafficked and enslaved. He risked his life crossing the Mediterranean.

He felt his faith was all he had left.

But now he’s getting the care and support he needs from our dedicated workers.

Since it opened in April 2018, our refugee service in Northern Ireland has worked with 55 vulnerable children like Ali. Tragically, some young people have come to us after being victims of trafficking within Northern Ireland.

Of the children we've helped, some have successfully claimed asylum – which can be incredibly stressful for anyone, let alone a traumatised young person – while others have managed to safely return to their home countries.

In all cases, our independent guardians work with the best interests of each child in mind. They represent their views, wishes and needs across different areas of their lives and make sure they have a legal representative that specialises in immigration and asylum-seeking.

But we don't stop there. As these vulnerable children struggle to deal with the trauma of their harrowing journeys, our dedicated guardians continue to support them long after their legal and practical issues have been resolved.

How you can help

No child should have to go through what Ali has.

If you make a donation today it means we can support young people who have been through similar experiences, giving them the ongoing emotional and practical support they need to rebuild their lives and thrive.

Make a donation today and help us to support children like Ali.

*Ali's name has been changed and a model used in order to protect his identity.