Published on
02 January 2019

It’s that wonderful time of year again

"New year, new you" is the clichéd call to action parroted by marketing for almost anything. It’s enough to induce a perpetual eye roll and frankly, we’re done with it.

We don’t think a new year should mean a new you. We think that’s unhelpfully vague. 

We do think that it’s a great time to think about achieving something big that will make you proud of yourself in the future. Giving yourself a goal, a target and a cause can take you far - and that’s where our challenge events come in. 

Hear us out: you don’t need to give up lots of nice things come New Year’s Day. January is hard enough as it is. But if you are lost in a sea of potential resolutions, a little sluggish after the festive period and wondering how to find motivation to get up and make the most of 2019, a challenge could help drive you to a new personal best.

Finding your goal

You don’t need to be an athlete. You don’t even need to be a sports nut. You just need to be determined.

Scenic treks around the English coast, taking on the challenge of a lifetime in the Sahara desert, bike rides and runs to test your limits as you see the sights of some of the UK’s best cities - these are just a few of the ways you can achieve something amazing for yourself. 

If there’s an event that’s been on your bucket list for a while, now is the perfect time to commit to ticking it off. And each and every one helps make a difference to the children and  young people we support - children like 9-year-old Megan who have more responsibility than any child should.

In good company

We’ve got a long list of people who’ve done awe-inspiring, exhilarating and scary things to support our work. The #TeamBarnardos hall of fame is a wonderful place to be - and just think of how great it’d be to join it. 

Our team is helped by the best - for instance, our marathon teams benefit from training advice from Olympic Decathlete Snowy Brooks, Double Olympic Gold Medallist Daley Thompson OBE and our Vice President Floella Benjamin OBE, who ran TEN consecutive London Marathons for us and is now a Great North Run participant. They know their stuff - you can be sure of it.

Stick at it

We’re big on taking it day by day and working up to your goal - that’s the way to keep yourself focused and in control. Pace, belief and determination can do wonderful things.

And the bonus that comes with it: once you’ve done it, that magical feeling of a huge achievement is yours. For life. 

Same you, new goals. Now - doesn’t that sound better?

If you’re ready to join us, take a look at our events.